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♦ Recovery Therapy

Pain recovery focused manual therapies may include Bowenwork, Emmett Technique and McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Therapy.

Bowenwork and Emmett Technique are gentle and effective manual therapies that balance tension patterns in the body with a series of integrated moves that affect the musculoskeletal framework, fascia, nerves and internal organs. The body's response improves circulation, lymphatic drainage and results in pain relief and deep relaxation. 


Bowenwork & Emmett Technique can assist in recovery from many conditions...


Traumatic Injuries - Overuse Injuries - Migraine - Headache - Fatigue

Neck Pain - Frozen Shoulder - Asthma - Stress Reactions - Arthritic Pain 

Back Pain - Tennis Elbow - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Tight Hamstrings

Knee Pain - Shin Splints - Ankle Sprains - Hammer Toes - Bunions

Ear/Throat Problems - TMJ - Insomnia - Depression - Pain Reduction

60 min 85-  


♦ McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Therapy

This is the first line of healing for the body from chronic pain and dysfunction. This gentle specialized  scar tissue release therapy is designed to free adhesions, increase circulation and free up range of motion.

30 min.  55-   60 min / 85-



♦ Spa Renewal Massage

De-stress and find pain relief with a "Renewal Massage" need to decide between relaxation and therapeutic focused firm pressured tissue pain relief in this custom treatment session. 
    Feel the release of chronic patterned muscle tension through Swedish, acupressure, and deeper focused tissue massage techniques. Targeting specific areas of restriction will relieve overworked muscles decreasing pain 
and tension, and increasing range of motion. Included in this pampering relief treatment are heated herb infused flaxseed packs providing additional deep muscle release. 

60 min. 85-   90 min. 115-

*Add to any treatment:   heated stone / cupping / foot scrub   15-


♦ Table Thai Bodywork
The benefits of Thai Bodywork are incorporated into table massage for the best of both worlds...relaxation massage and Thai bodywork! The slow rhythmic Thai stretching and pressing sequences balance the body and increase flexibility... then are finished with a comforting deep moisturizing massage of the legs, arms, back, and neck releasing all tension and stress from the muscles for a restorative relaxing session.
60 min. 85-    90 min. 115-


♦ Foot & Leg Therapy

Traditional Thai leg and foot massage complete with a sugar foot scrub and steamed towels.

60 min. 85-


First time clients please call to schedule your first appointment. All future appointments after the initial appointment may be made on-line, by text or by phone. Call today to schedule 501-209-1265

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